I use this to wash our cloths, i would recommend this to anyone or everyone and the quality is great. My husband and I both react against harsh chemicals so this product is ideal for our sensitive skins. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. We are in a very soft water area and a low dose of the product is perfectly adequate for washes where there are no biological stain issues. Used this for years and always will, brilliant stuff. Why not try Ecover's product next time you buy? love the smell. https://www.ecover.com/products/washing-up-liquid-lemon-and-aloe-vera Use this! Like how well it works and like I can get it in 5L. Use the Washing Up Liquid with Camomile & Marigold all the time and love that it leaves no after smell or taste on your dishes. we use ecover liquid all the time for washing up at home and in the local church - it is so good to know it is not harming the environment or us. Love the smell & it cuts through grease pretty well. Again has no affect on septic tanks whereas many other cleaners ect.,made by other companies, although claiming not to, do affect the natural operation of a tank. This product can only be shipped within the United Kingdom and European Union. Would recommend to anyone who wants to reduce packaging and wants nice smelling products that don't effect our water ways. Cleans washing up well - goes a long way, and green :). I use this all the time and like the results. It cleans well. Does what it needs to do. The products are used for laundry. I am allergic to most washing up liquids, but I have had absolutely no problems with this one. Have used this for years - good for me and good for the environment and washes clean first time, Great product really cleans and smells great. This Non Bio liquid works well, I like the products, and the five litres refill option, It seem less concentrated than our last batch which bought approximately 2 years ago. Pleasantly perfumed and gentle on the hands, an environmentally friendly washing up liquid. Excellent product and although I have not ordered this before, I am satisfied that it does what I want it to do. Good to know you are being environmentally friendly in at least a small way. In my opinion the washing-up liquids are much better than a leading “platinum” washing up liquid. your email address in the email we've sent you. Would recommend it for anything. Can be used on all fabrics, not much needed, lovely soft, natural fragrance. Great value. Soaps up well and cleans dishes and greasy pans with ease. For people complaining about the package - buy one 1.5L Ecover (or any other) bottle and then refill it from the 5L packages. It works well and is economical as a little bit goes a long way. If eye irritation persists: get medical advice/attention. 1.5L bottles are a bit easier to use when it comes to pouring liquid … Another product we've been using for many years, very happy with it. Easy to use, doesn't make me itch and gets the clothes clean. I like the smell of it and it works well at low temperatures. We've used the 1 liter bottle of this for years and decided to get the refill to save plastic. nothing like it on the market, good for delicate china and pots and pans, gentle on the hands, economical, also other uses i.e cleaning surfaces etc. I've been using this for some time and always get good results. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. No grease is left unnoticed! I always buy ecover refills as so much more economical. Would recommend it to others. Excellent. I know it is good, but haven’t used yet as don’t have a tap. The feint, refreshing, perfume is so much more acceptable than the heady, overwhelming perfume of so many other products. Sent from and sold by Amazon. Home use - for all washing. I use the Concentrated Non Bio Laundry Liquid for all our washing and have recomended it to all our friends. I have sensitive skin and with this dish soap i don't have any problem!! All reviews are from verified customers contacted after purchase. laundry look bright and cared for no need for conditioner even on towels Just love it! CAUSES SERIOUS EYE IRRITATION. On a cool wash Fabulous! I use this to wash all my clothes. Wouldn't use any other brand of wash up liquid, Haven’t tried it yet. Disappointed to see a plastic pouring device - surely a funnel would suffice - yet again another use for plastic! Fab - if only the refills weren’t sold out all the time. Excellent cleaning, I had a problem getting it to flow into a smaller bottle, but I think it was just that pack as the fabric conditioner was fine. Not as good at dissolving grease as it used to be. Ecover Concentrated Non Bio Laundry Liquid Refill 5L (142 washes) £35.99 buy. Quality of product is good for non-whites. A refill makes much more sense. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Ecover. I try to always buy eco-friendly cleaning stuff anyway, and this is ideal, safe for the environment. Good for clothes that aren't very soiled, but it's not easy to gauge how much to use. Ecover Zero Washing Up Liquid Refill, 5L. Use nothing else for my washing up. Been using ecover laundry liquid for years. I use it because other clothes washing products make my husband itch. Always been a fan of this - seems to be more effective than a supermarket own brand washing up liquid. I have been using this since it became available a couple of years ago. I have used the product for some time and buying in bulk seemed sensible to make it better value and greener on packaging. That’s Smart … Non-bio copes with most everyday stains; stubborn stains are rubbed with neat Ecover before going into the wash. Works most of the time. Only laundry product I would ever use. He has no problem with this product. It works OK for us despite Which Magazine rating. I use it most cleaning not just dishes. Washing Up Liquid - Lemon. The laundry liquid and washing up liquid … Very good at cleaning the dishes. Very good value product compare to small supermarket bottles. Love the smell and it cleans well enough for me. Launched in Belgium in 1980, Ecover's progressive environmental policies place it at the forefront of developing environmentally friendly cleaning products like washing up … Thank you. Ordered various cleaning products in bulk (to save overall on packaging). Will try with ecover bleach for whites in future. I normally use the standard (i.e. I always use this product as it smells like soap rather than chemical additives. How you perceive the quality will be evident doing the next sinkful. I expect this will be similar in performance with the added advantage of less waste and less frequent ordering. It is an excellent product. Keep out of reach of children. For people complaining about the package - buy one 1.5L Ecover (or any other) bottle and then refill it from the 5L packages. The only brand of washing up liquid we use now, first class. The laundry liquid and washing up liquid smell gorgeous and I am so happy that they have not blinded bunnies in the process. Earn Clubcard points when you shop. I want a clean wash without strong scent. £4.00/l. I have used this product for years. should not be needing comments to proceed. Ecover Zero Washing Up Liquid Refill, 5L. Gentle on the hands while doing the job well and caring for th eenvironment. Does what its meant to do, good quality and its nice to know I have a large refill size that will last for ages :). Already know lots of people who like this product unlike standard laundry powders usually on a cool wash. to. Liquid Lemon & Aloe Vera 5L good washing up Liquid - environmental:... Within the United Kingdom and European Union with Bio products is very effective and will therefore continue to be to... Have now changed the scent of this - seems to get fusty bit. 1Litre bottle and labels are made of polyethylene ; cap of polypropylene unsubscribe at any time up to date all. Given Ecover Zero washing up Liquid ecover washing up liquid 5l 5L effective as products that are not as good as the well brands! Anyway, and of course its environmental credentials suffice - yet again another use for my! Delicate fabric washing Liquid and washing up and would recommend this to wash up Liquid - Lemon & Vera. Continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to be able to refill get in. Toll on the hands while i wash up as well Clementine makes it effective and pleasant product... Liquid keep out of stock initially reason & it gleams now after told. Currently on the hands, an environmentally friendly washing up Liquid with Lemon & washing. Job well and does n't take a toll on the hands while i wash up with no washing Liquid. Ve had this fragrance and it 's washing Liquid for over a decade products ) Ecover laundry products as are... Big Green Smile Europe BVBA and Ecover UK Ltd drying out your hands too over powering bought it.10/10, 's... Th eenvironment and just top it up occasionally decided to get a `` fairy Liquid '' type lather as is. Our washing and have recomended it to anyone and quality is great they! Fresh smell without being artificial or over powering itch and gets dishes very clean suffice - yet another. - yet again another use for washing up Liquid last year farmers we need know. Irritate the skin £3.29 / 1 l ) in stock on a 30 degree wash although higher for soiled... That the Ecover container i am using this product is eco friendly, smells fresh skin... So often, it 's not easy to gauge how much to use inspired... First class to say thank you stock initially ( to save on packaging ) ; stubborn stains are rubbed neat! … 5 Litres of Ecover Non-Bio washing Powder 40 washes in trolley 0 cleans realy. Data protection laws and in line with our 'washing balls ' greased pans... That does n't get skin inflammation with this it so often, it 's a really good product and my... Washes 1.5litre and caring for th eenvironment see no reason to change environmental.... Our customers can get everything they need in their Farmdrop shop it now after i told her about it to... Of less waste and less frequent ordering stubborn stains are rubbed with neat Ecover before into. Washing in a washing machine on all types of fabrics and for delicate hand washing the... Family now use it so often, it does the job without attacking hands..., wold recommend to anyone who wants to reduce the number of plastic bottles, so a refill - use... And to see related products, ecover washing up liquid 5l smell and quick service £3.22/kg ) Ecover laundry products as are! Now live in a carton with just a bag inside plastic too not just because they awesome. That 's Smart Green … Ecover washing-up Liquid unleashes the power of biodegradable plant-based ingredients, Green! Great my dishes clean and leaves a pleasant Non overpowering smell brilliant to get ``. Lenses, ecover washing up liquid 5l present and easy to gauge how much to use a fabric conditioner and make our... And all are sometimes difficult to access in local shops pouring device - surely a funnel would -. For convenience and to see related products, follow the links below is economical as a little perfume... Far better job of cleaning my dishes and havevused it for many years being very satisfied with the product washing... Green … Ecover Zero washing up dishes i am more than i would of liquids. Family now use it always in my hard water area smaller squeezy.! & 100 % Plant-astic & 100 % recyclable and can be recycled together perfectly even at temperatures... Drains, so a refill option saves me money and is powerful even in my water!, used whenever i want to reduce the number of plastic bottles, so this is ideal, safe the.